Adding value through expertise

By putting the right hands on achieving sustainable business growth,
BioCap increases the value of a company for all participating stakeholders:
Private Equity Firms, Portfolio Companies, Investors, Managers and Employees.

BioCap is the Operations Management Partner for
Private Equity Deals in Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology.


What we do

Our Operating Principle

Our purpose is to increase the worth of companies in medicine and healthcare through the enhancement of value they bring to their investors, owners, managers, employees and throughout the different stages in the investment cycle.

In the due diligence stage, we help investors such as private equity and venture capital firms source and assess deals by providing a specialist view on the worth of businesses, shares and assets of companies operating in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and health services.

In the operating stage, we help owners, managers and employees of companies balance cost drivers and revenue sources in the healthcare and medical industry by equipping their organization with the right people, structure, processes and technology.

In the exit stage, we bring investors, companies and experts together towards sustainable growth and continuous value enhancement so that we could achieve more efficient medical services, more effective drugs and treatments, and ultimately, sustained health and quality of life for everyone.

Due Diligence StageDue Diligence Stage

Due Diligence Stage


During the due diligence stage, BioCap supports private equity companies in deal sourcing, commercial due diligence and value creation planning. Drawing from our large industry network, we assist general partners in locating target companies, implementing industry assessment and finalizing asset selection.

Once a target is identified, our consultants work closely with financial deal teams to construct a holistic view of the transaction opportunity. Through their insights into selected industries, BioCap consultants guide private equity firms in their investment evaluation and underwriting process. We identify value creation levers prior to the deal, single out and quantify potential EBITDA adjustments, and assess the likelihood of strategic exits.

Working closely with the target company and its investors, we craft a full-potential value creation plan that pinpoints key operating priorities, resource requirements, performance objectives, and tracking metrics. Our involvement in the due diligence stage allows us to build strong value-creation dynamics with the portfolio company that endure long after the closing of the deal.

Operating StageOperating Stage

Operating Stage


BioCap delivers meaningful and sustainable operational change within the portfolio companies through expert acquisition and the setup of specialized operational teams, which help the business become more productive, efficient and ultimately, more valuable.

During the operating stage, BioCap supports private equity companies by providing interim management, systematizing day-to-day operations and putting in place further value creation methods such as process optimization or targeted margin improvement. Guided by the value creation plan, BioCap determines key deliverables and milestones and sets up the best operational improvement initiatives from cross selling, SG&A synergies and working capital optimization for margin improvement; service blueprinting to business process reengineering as part of process optimization to cross-portfolio programs that foster synergies and benefit several investments at once.

With the help of our wide international network, we are able to bring in distinguished professionals who build on their decades-long experience and thorough understanding of the dynamics of the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets to take ownership of even the most complex of projects and trigger meaningful increases in growth, efficiency and profitability within our portfolio companies.

Exit StageExit Stage

Exit Stage


Once a portfolio company realizes its targeted value, BioCap works closely with private equity companies to facilitate a smooth business exit. To support buyer identification, financial valuation and sales negotiations, BioCap puts together essential business information into relevant reports that accurately illustrates the performance and prospects of the business on sale.

During the exit stage, BioCap assists in the creation of information memoranda, leads the vendor due diligence and facilitates the integration of the company in a merger or strategic acquisition.

Our consultants provide input for the confidential information memorandum towards optimizing the positioning of the business. Since post-deal integration can be a key factor for strategic buyers, BioCap ensures the transfer of relevant knowledge, the alignment of processes and the structured assimilation of the portfolio company. This ensures a smooth transition, the best possible shift in ownership and lays the groundwork for a strong future performance.


Who we are

The Expert Team of BioCap

BioCap brings a distinct hands-on approach to operations management in private equity and venture capital deals. Our interim management executive team consists of experienced, successful business leaders who deliver a unique mix of in-depth industry and functional experience, insight and analytic capabilities. BioCap professionals are equipped to take on both C-level positions and function-specific roles in key departments.

We partner up with management teams and jointly steer the target through a transition of rapid performance improvement. Our operations professionals help in strategic planning, operational improvement, and supervision of initiatives within portfolio companies. Working with BioCap minimizes investment risks and maximizes efficiency of cash flow throughout the holding period.


How we do it

Our Portfolio Companies

NeraCare GmbHNeraCare GmbH

NeraCare GmbH

Personalized Medicine
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Recently founded in Bönen, Germany, NeraCare GmbH holds the patent for the gene test “Melagenix”, a system of biomarkers that accurately determines the post-surgery risk of melanoma patients.

As early as the first diagnosis, the Melagenix risk score predicts the overall and disease-free patient survival. It identifies high-risk patients who would benefit from adjuvant therapy and sets them apart from those who would not. Through Melagenix’s precise risk stratification, patients are able to make informed decisions on their treatment and doctors are able to increase the effectiveness of adjuvant therapy. Consequently, the test saves the patient from side effects of unnecessary high-risk treatments and the health care system from unwarranted healthcare costs.

By setting up NeraCare’s corporate structure and team, monitoring the milestone phases and developing international patent and licensing strategy, BioCap is gearing up NeraCare for further business growth and venture capital investment.

1aMedico GmbH1aMedico GmbH

1aMedico GmbH

Healthcare Management
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Founded in Mannheim in 2006, 1aMedico GmbH offers consultancy services for ophthalmological practices and clinics using its in-house software tools “Opthalmo-Manager” for quality management and ISO certification, “Warehouse Manager (WHM)” for medical supply management and its research databank “Surgical Manager” for quality benchmarking of cataract surgeries.

Along with the expansion of its investor base, 1aMedico moved its headquarters to Frankfurt am Main in 2012 and since then has been supported by BioCap in business and organizational development as well as financial management. In two years, its customer base has grown from 140 to over 190 ophthalmological clinics and practices all over Germany and its gross revenues tripled from ¤ 1.8 million in 2012 to 5.9 million in 2014.

With its current team, 1aMedico is geared for a further increase in revenue through improved service models, enhanced software and database tools and new projects in treatment quality benchmarking targeting manufacturers, health insurance funds and other stakeholders in ophthalmology.

For more information on 1aMedico GmbH, please visit

Eurozyto GmbHEurozyto GmbH

Eurozyto GmbH

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Eurozyto GmbH is one of the few manufacturers of individualized infusion solutions for cytostatic drugs and parenteral nutrition licensed under Paragraph 13 of the German Pharmaceutical Law (§ 13 Arzneimittelgesetz). Originally set up in 2012 as a compounding unit of the pharmacy Burg Apotheke in Königstein, Eurozyto went operative as a separate pharmaceutical manufacturer in July 2013 in compliance with statutory changes for higher and more strictly monitored manufacturing requirements in Germany.

With the support of BioCap, Eurozyto received leverage from the Apo Bank (Deutsche Apotheker und Ärzte Bank) in August 2014. Part of its commitment to achieving an annual revenue growth of 20% for Eurozyto over the next five years, BioCap is equipping the company for extending its services from pharmaceutical manufacturing to the development of medical care models and benchmarking of healthcare quality for oncology, rheumatology and ophthalmology.

For more information on Eurozyto GmbH, please visit



Outpatient Care Management
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Focused on palliative oncology and rare & orphan diseases, Ligetis GmbH brings together physicians, nurses and caregivers in a quality network that develops physician-led, integrated homecare programs and patient assistance solutions.

Founded in 2016, Ligetis combines product know-how with medical and pharmaceutical expertise to develop outpatient care models that enable patients and their caregivers to manage rare and serious diseases, such as short bowel syndrome, Pompe disease, Gaucher’s disease, MPS and others, and carry out complex therapies in palliative oncology in the comfort of the patient’s home. Furthermore, Ligetis’ network of medical experts and nursing specialists establishes and upholds the corresponding treatment quality standards that it requires from its certified home care providers and patient support specialists. In so doing, Ligetis helps increase home care treatment success and promotes improvement in the quality of life of chronically ill patients.

Since November 2016, BioCap has been helping Ligetis develop its service portfolio in the areas of specialty care and integrated palliative oncology. BioCap aims to position Ligetis as a service partner that that brings together healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers within the framework of home care and patient assistance programs to address the needs of patients with rare and complex diseases.

For more information on Ligetis GmbH, please visit



Pharmaceutical Distribution
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pharventia GmbH is a specialized pharmaceutical wholesaler of products and substances for infusion treatment in oncology, immunology, nutrition und enzyme replacement therapy.

Set up in 2014, pharventia was a typical specialty wholesale business that catered primarily drugs used for oncology to pharmacies. Since 2015 however, when BioCap first supported the company in business development and HR and financial management, pharventia has expanded its service range from strategic purchasing to GDP-compliant warehousing and pharmaceutical logistics. By enlarging its customer base from pharmacies to infusion solution companies as well as their partner clinics and home care providers, pharventia’s sales revenues have more than tripled over the last years — from less than € 90,000 in 2014 to € 4 Mio in 2015 and € 14 Mio in 2016.

A member of the Eurozyto Group, pharventia is the sole distributor of the multi-chamber infusion bags Eurotubes™, which are exclusively available to system partners of Eurozyto GmbH. With the continued support of BioCap, pharventia aims to further develop specialized services for supply chain and distribution management in oncology, immunology, nutrition und enzyme replacement therapy.

For more information about pharventia GmbH, please visit


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